Posted on November 27th, 2017.

With advances in bathroom technology and design, products are now available to help handicapped people navigate their personal space with ease and enjoy a trouble free bathing experience without having to depend on someone else for assistance. One such product that has been widely welcomed in the market happens to be handicap bathtubs. Designed to provide ease of access through a handy entry door, these tubs can be used quite comfortably by people who are facing mobility challenges and movement disorders. And if the need arises, you can use the below listed options to make these bathtubs even friendlier for handicapped users. Let’s explore:

  • Consider installing lever faucets to get rid of the twisting and turning that can be a serious challenge for a disabled individual to manage. Depending upon the nature of the user’s movement restrictions, one can also choose to get foot operated faucets that will eliminate the need to have to reach out to the fixture to turn the water on or off.
  • A shower head that you can hold in your hand will be the perfect attachment for a handicap bathtub. It will eliminate the need to stand to take a shower entirely while allowing you to properly bathe yourself, even the hard to reach parts of your body, using a hand-held shower head.
  • Make sure you have handle bars and rails installed on your handicap bathtub. It will help you in steadying yourself as you enter and exit the tub as well as for hoisting yourself up or lowering yourself down on the seat for bathing. It will also act as a safety feature, giving you something to grab onto for regaining balance in case you end up slipping.
  • Handicap tubs should always have an outward opening door which is much easier to manage for wheelchair bound individuals as it does not require extensive maneuvering while getting in or out of the tub. An inward opening door, on the other hand, will always prove to be an obstacle for you while using.

Use these options to make your handicap bathtub more convenient and comfortable for you to use.