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Why Walk-In Bathtubs are Better Than Regular Bathtubs?

Posted on September 2nd, 2017.

While many people associate walk-in bathtubs with elderly or disabled people, these designs are rapidly becoming the fixture of choice even in homes where no one suffers from mobility challenges. As this trend continues, some potential buyers may find themselves wondering just why walk-in bathtubs are considered better than regular tub designs.

Although both styles of the tub serve their main purpose well, the features a walk-in tub can offer simply makes the design a better choice for several reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • They are simply safer by design – Walk-in bathtubs address some of the most common safety concerns in the bathroom. In doing so, they can help keep families safer no matter the ages or mobility levels of individual members. This design differs from a regular bathtub because it has a swinging door. This door eliminates the 20-inch wall that users of a traditional tub have to step over to get inside. In doing so, the door removes a huge slip-and-fall hazard. It may also help those who do suffer from mobility challenges enjoy greater accessibility to the bath. Other big safety features a walk-in tub may offer include built-in seating, slip-resistant flooring and grab bars.
  • They can enhance luxury in the bathroom – Consumers who want to transform their bathrooms into a more luxurious space are also selecting walk-in tubs in greater numbers. Aside from the safety upgrades that set these tubs apart, walk-in designs may include a number of spa-quality features. Some examples consumers may want to consider include whirlpool jets, heated seating, aromatherapy, and bubbles that can exfoliate and nourish the skin.
  • They are highly therapeutic – Walk-in tubs that include features like whirlpool jets provide many therapeutic benefits. Depending on the features selected, this type of tub can help people lower stress, reduce blood pressure, promote circulation and ease muscle aches and pains, among other benefits.

Walk-in bathtubs are increasing in popularity because of the benefits they boast that traditional tubs simply cannot compete with. Whether there is a desire to enhance safety and accessibility in the bathroom or the plan is to add luxury to this room, this style of tub delivers.