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Walk-In Bathtubs: An Essential Upgrade for Disabled People and Seniors

Posted on August 7th, 2017.

Helping people who are disabled or are facing age-related mobility challenges retain their independence can be a difficult task. This is especially so when there is a desire to make a bathroom more accessible and less hazardous. Walk-in bathtubs, however, often provide the perfect combination of features to enable those with trouble getting around to bathe on their own or only with a very small amount of assistance.The benefits they can provide, in fact, make this style of tub an essential upgrade in many homes.

Doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals often recommend walk-in tubs for the elderly and disabled for these reasons and more:

  • They address accessibility issues – One of the biggest reasons disabled people and the elderly may have trouble bathing on their own is simply because they cannot access a tub without help. Since traditional tubs have a 20-inch wall people must climb over, the obstacle can be a big one. Walk-in tubs address this through the use of a watertight swinging door. This means people can “walk in,” as the name suggests. When combined with appropriate built-in seating, even people who require wheelchairs may be able to access the bathing area on their own.
  • They address common hazards – Walk-in tubs are also meant to address very common slip-and-fall hazards. Through the use of the swinging door entry, slip-resistant flooring, grab bars and seating, these tubs eliminate some of the most common hazards in the bathroom. In doing so, they make the environment less perilous for all users.
  • They can be highly therapeutic – Soaking in a long, hot bath can have very positive therapeutic benefits. By enabling seniors and the disabled to more readily enjoy the tub, walk-in models can help with stress reduction, lowering of blood pressure and more. Since models can often be upgraded to include features like aromatherapy, whirlpool jets and heating seating, the benefits can be even more profound.

Walk-in bathtubs are simply an essential addition to any home where mobility challenges are a concern. If you’re not sure what type of walk-in bathtub is best suited to meet your needs, contact your local retailer. These professionals will be more than happy to come out and access your requirements and your bathroom to find the best fit.