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Walk-In Bathtubs: How to Find the Best One for Personal Use

Posted on August 4th, 2017.

Since their introduction more than two decades ago, walk-in bathtubs have come a long way. This unique design was first created to serve strictly as a bathing aid for people with mobility challenges. As the benefits of this style of tub have become more widely known, demands for more attractive, higher-quality designs have grown. Courtesy of the aging baby boomer generation, manufacturers are working to meet the growing demands by now offering a wide array of styles buyers can choose from. Finding the right walk-in tub to meet your personal needs, however, can be a little overwhelming these days thanks to the selection now available.

Fortunately, there are some tips that can help anyone find the right walk-in tub to suit their needs. Here are a few of them:

  • Consider the space – Aside from setting the budget, the biggest consideration will be the location the tub is intended to go. Manufacturers offer compact models to help people retrofit spaces for elderly or disabled loved ones. Full-size models, however, that can replace traditional tubs are also widely available.

  • Consider the specific needs – Even the most basic designs will offer a swinging, watertight door that is meant to enhance accessibility. If a walk-in tub is being used to reduce bathroom hazards or to provide elderly or disabled people greater access and comfort, additional features will likely be desirable. Built-in seating, for example, can be an important consideration. Shower capabilities may also be important.

  • Consider any desirable upgrades – Walk-in tubs are becoming highly popular choices in homes where mobility issues are not a concern. Thanks to upgrades like whirlpool jets, heated seating, aromatherapy and more, an increasing number of homeowners are making this selection because of the spa-quality features some of today’s higher-end models provide without compromising safety traits in the process. If a walk-in tub is desired to do more than enhance safety, the possible upgrades should be considered with care.

Walk-in bathtubs make an excellent choice in any home. If you’re still not sure what model is the right one to meet your needs, contact your local walk-in tub retailer. These professionals will be happy to come out an assess your bathroom to help you find the perfect tub for the space.