Posted on October 6th, 2017.

One of the biggest challenges that seniors face – even bigger than the health issues they have to deal with on a daily basis – is giving up their independence and self-reliance. All their life they have enjoyed a proud and confident existence and now, all of a sudden, their bodies are unable to support such independent existence. Taking support and assistance from someone for the smallest of tasks, like taking a bath, can become a frustrating and humiliating experience. To avoid such a scenario and to enhance their comfort and safety, it is important that the high-risk zones in their living space are made to be increasingly accessible and adaptive. Walk-in bathtub with seats is one product that can help you achieve that aim.

Seniors usually become unsteady on their feet as their age progresses. Getting into a conventional bathtub can therefore become a perilous task for such individuals, particularly when you consider the fact that they will have to lift their leg over the tub wall. This 20 inch overstep poses a considerable obstacle which might often lead to accidents and falls. Walk-in tubs attempt to resolve this issue by providing an easy to use door through which a user can step in or out of the tub without any troublesome moves required.

The additional seat installed in such tubs is yet another comfort inducing feature for seniors who would otherwise have to spend the entire bathing time standing beneath the shower. The user simply needs to step into the tub and take a seat – no more slip accidents or falls! The seat is also quite useful for seniors suffering from advanced stages of mobility challenges as well as those that use a wheelchair to move around. Sliding into and out of the walk-in bathtub seat is really easy too and with a handy safety rail installed nearby, one can easily manage to sit down or resume the standing position without assistance from anyone.

In short, walk-in bathtubs with seats ensure that senior users get access to enhanced comfort and easy accessibility along with additional safety for their daily hygiene tasks without having to depend on anyone for support. The independence and confidence derived from taking care of oneself is a huge morale booster too! What more can you ask for.