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Walk-In Bathtubs vs. Standard Tubs

Posted on June 29th, 2017.

Walk-in tubs pose a significant amount of benefits as compared to their standard counterparts. Whether you’re struggling with a disability or you or a family member are an aging adult, walk-in tubs can make your life significantly easier. The following three benefits are important to consider when weighing the options between a walk-in and standard tub.


Whether you’ve spent your day chasing small children and just need to relax or you’re struggling with a disability, a walk-in bathtub will put some convenience back in your day. For individuals struggling with limited range of motion, the side opening door and comfortable seat will make enjoying a long soak in the tub much easier. For seniors or those struggling with chronic pain, our jetted options will relax your sore muscles and bring comfort to your body before settling in for the night. The factor of convenience is one of the largest to consider when deciding whether to purchase a walk-in or standard tub.


Safety concerns are huge for those struggling with disabilities, for seniors and for children. Many families and caregivers experience stress related to the possibility of injury from entering and exiting the tub. Choosing a walk-in tub with is a sure way to decrease stress levels related to the hygiene habits of users. Also, because of the convenience of the side opening door and comfortable seat in a walk-in tub the effort needed to enjoy a bath will encourage its use often preventing skin irritation, rashes, infections and more.


Walk in tubs give individuals struggling with disabilities or seniors their independence back. Loss of independence is an important part of accepting the aging process and life with a disability. Its important that people can keep as much of their independence as they can for as long as they can to decrease the risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health stresses. Installing a walk-in is a perfect way to keep users independent for as long as possible.

Here at Safety Bath Tubs we know that accepting change can be a difficult path to navigate. We are here to provide unbiased support without the pushy sales pitch. If you’re considering you options, contact us today for your no obligation consultation.