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Handicap Accessible Bathtub


Bathing for people with Disabilities

Making bathing safer is our main aim at Safety Bath. We believe everyone, included people with disabilities or handicaps should be able to bathe with peace of mind. Safety Bath has been manufacturing safe bathing products since 1992 and have been constantly evolving our designs to ensure we have the practicality and ease of use in everything we build for both residential and commercial applications.  We have pre-installed grab bars and easy reach controls to make taking a bath, that much easier.

Safety Bath is the original inventor of the walk-in tub.  We have learned from experience peoples needs and wants in a tub, and have been building tubs with these needs to a higher level of quality to provide you, the customer, something that you can be proud of owning.  Our walk in tubs are for everyone.


  • Quick Filling and Draining Tubs

Nobody wants to sit and wait as the tub fills or drains. However, this is a standard concern with all walk-in tubs.  Safety bath has addressed these concerns by supplying each tub with a high-flow faucet that is designed to operate at 14 Gallons Per Minute (GPM).  It is possible to fill the tub in 4 minutes.  Our oversized Quick Drain has a diameter of 2”, which, when installed with the appropriate plumbing, can drain the tub of water 90 seconds.


  • All Aluminum Entry System

The All Aluminium doors that come standard on our tubs make what you would think the weakest part of a walk-in tub, the strongest on a Safety Bath Walk-in Tub.  Our doors built to last a lifetime guaranteeing a water tight seal for life.  Our doors are also shaped to swing over your legs while sitting down or swing over a toilet in the case of our outward swinging models.  Safety Bath tubs are not just a tub with a door in it, they are designed with you the end user in mind to the highest quality standards.


  • Built to the highest standards

All of our tubs are built from a single uncut sheet of Acrylic.  This Mold and Mildew resistant acrylic is also resistant to stains and fading, so your tub wont yellow over time.  The Acrylic shell has a fibreglass backing to provide strength which is supported by a welded stainless steal frame.  These touches will ensure that your tub looks and feels great for years.  Buying a Safety Bath walk-in tub will give you a sense of safety that you didn’t before.  To find out more about our safe bathing products and other solutions for your bathroom, contact us today – 1 877 826 6666