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Walk-In Bathtubs With Door

The addition of a Safety Bath walk-in tub can enhance safety and accessibility in any bathroom. Tub only designs, however, may not adequately address the needs of consumers who are selecting this type of fixture in place of a standard tub/shower combination. That is why the Safety Bath product line also includes walk-in tub/shower combinations meant to make the bathing experience more enjoyable and convenient for anyone.

Safety Walk-in tub/shower combinations are ideal in homes where the safety features of a walk-in tub are needed or desired, but residents may also prefer the option to shower rather than take a bath. They are also perfect in medical settings where patients may have varying degrees of mobility.

Whether a Safety Bath walk-in tub/shower combination is selected for home or commercial use, these designs deliver a number of benefits. They include:

    • Increased safety during entrance and exit


All walk-in tub models in the Safety Bath line are designed to eliminate the 20-inch step over traditional tubs require for access. This benefit is achieved by the inclusion of an aluminum door that is designed to close watertight. The removal of the step over makes walk-in tub/shower combos safer for anyone to get into or out of, making it an exceptional choice for any more or commercial setting.

    • Additional safety enhancements


Going beyond their swinging doors, Safety Bath walk-in tub/shower combos are equipped with seats, slip-resistant flooring and other enhancements meant to remove common bathing hazards.

    • Convenience


Safety Bath walk-in tub/shower combos also deliver convenience for users. Our tubs are designed with high flow taps that enable them to fill in 4 minutes or less, rapid drains and easy reach drain controls. What’s more, some models offer hand-held shower wands and/or shower surround to make showering instead of soaking a highly convenient option.

Installing a walk-in tub/shower combination simply makes sense in settings where users are likely to prefer having both options available to them. Safety Bath designs are created to deliver enhanced safety and convenience both. When additions, such as hot water jets and heated seats are installed, as well, the basic design can be upgraded to deliver a spa experience in any setting. To find out more about our walk-in tub/shower combos, just explore our product line or call us today!