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Walk-In Safety Tubs Make Home Bathing Safer for Elders

Posted on August 3rd, 2017.

As people age, a lot of concerns about safety and security in the home environment are likely to arise. After all, even the most independent, physically capable elder can suffer serious setbacks if a slip-and-fall leads to a broken hip or other serious injuries. Addressing potential safety hazards before accidents happen is the best way to help older loved ones retain their health and independence. Walk-in safety tubs can help address hazards in one of the home’s most dangerous rooms.

Walk-in safety tubs enable elders themselves or their loved ones to take a proactive approach for accident protection. This unique style of a bathtub is specifically designed to eliminate or reduce some of the biggest hazards in the bathroom. Here are just a few of the features a walk-in safety tub is likely to boast that makes it a better, safer option for elders, people with disabilities or simply anyone seeking to reduce hazards in the home:

  • A swinging door – Walk-in bathtubs earn this name due to this feature that is common across just about every make and model. These tubs are meant to make access easer by providing a watertight swinging door that enables people to get into and out of the tub with a higher degree of ease. Since the door eliminates the need to step over a tub wall, it also directly lessens the likelihood of a person losing balance or slipping.
  • Built-in seating – It is not at all uncommon for people to lose the ability to stand up throughout the duration of a shower as they age. Some may also encounter great difficulty getting out of a tub if they fully submerge in one. Built-in seating addresses both of these concerns while making the bathing experience a safer prospect, as well.
  • Slip-resistant flooring – This might be an upgrade feature in some walk-in tub designs, but it’s an important one to consider. Slip resistant flooring simply adds to the protective features of a tub, making it safer for users of all ages.

Helping seniors avoid accidents at home can enable them to maintain or even regain independence. If it is time to address concerns in one of the home’s most dangerous rooms, a walk-in safety tub can make a big difference.