Posted on December 14th, 2017.

Walk-in showers are all the rage these days considering just how smartly they fit in just about any bathroom, regardless of its dimensions. They are quite an amazing addition to anyone’s living space and can even be used quite effectively by elderly and mobility challenged individuals who usually find regular bathtubs to be a formidable challenge in the bathroom. And for those who wish to bring a bit of glitz and glam into their bathing areas, walk-in showers can be the perfect way to make a bathroom as stylish as they desire. So let’s check out the many features and designs of walk-in showers that make them so popular:

    • Walk-in showers are generally designed to be curb-less. In case one does need a way to separate the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom and prevent bath water from running all over the floor, you can choose a nondescript one inch curb that doesn’t pose too much of an obstacle for users.
    • Walk-in showers can be made to stand out by using contrasting colored tiles or stunning light fixtures in the space. Even the floor tiles can be used as a means of bringing visual drama to the space and make your shower area look genuinely distinct.
    • Walk-in showers might not have a seating space as comfortable as a bathtub but they do offer an amazing variety of options for you to pamper yourself with. Try getting special fixtures for your bathing enclosure – wall mounted shower heads, hydr  o-jets, hand held units and steam jets are all that you need to transform your bathroom into a private spa.
    • Walk-in showers are quite spacious and can have nifty wall mounted storage units and alcoves, grab bars and hand rails, permanent seats and many more options to make your bathing time as comfortable and luxurious as you would want it to be
  • Walk-in showers can be designed with or without doors to alter their accessibility and make them more user friendly for elderly and handicapped users. On the flipside, adding doors will allow users to manage bathroom hygiene as now, only the shower enclosure will get wet with bath water.

So what are you waiting for? Get a walk-in shower for your home today!