Posted on October 8th, 2017.

Redesigning your bathroom becomes a top priority when you have senior family members living with you. Even if these individuals are not facing any mobility issues currently, making this space accident-proof will only go on to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Choosing to install a walk-in shower in your bathroom is one such option. As compared to traditional bathtubs where a person needs to lift their legs considerably in order to climb into the bathing space, walk-in showers have no such barriers that may hinder accessibility. Here is a list of the various safety features and additional advantages that your elderly loved ones can enjoy with walk-in showers.

As a person ages, their balance and strength may waver, causing them to become slightly unsteady on their feet. In such a state of being, having to swing their leg over the bathtub wall in order to get into the bathing space can turn out to be a perilous task. With a walk-in shower, your elderly loved one can simply enter the bathing area just like any other section of the house without the dangers that come part and parcel with a bathtub.

Depending upon how you will design the walk-in shower, you can also choose to customize the space with a bench where your senior family member can sit comfortably while bathing. The entry door of walk-in showers are also designed to provide additional safety, particularly by ensuring that the water inside the shower space doesn’t seep out and make the entire bathroom floor wet and hazardous. These doors are wide enough to allow a user to enter and exit with the help of a wheelchair or a walker too. All the important necessities of the user will be stored nearby and even the shower heads can be customized to suit the needs of your senior family member. Their flooring can be chosen carefully to ensure that slipping hazards are minimized and you can also install a safety bar that they can use to steady themselves and to hold while sitting down or standing up.

With so many safety features and benefits, walk-in showers can truly make the life of your senior loved ones a whole lot easier. So go ahead and get these installed the next time you plan to take up bathroom remodeling. This is a genuinely worthy investment to make for your loved ones.